Analysis of the 15-dw0052nf – Intel Core i5-8265U from HP.

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Is the 15-dw0052nf for you?Price and type of technology alone do not justify the choice of a model.We have oriented our test according to criteria such as use for travel, office automation, internet browsing, games or multimedia.
The detail of our analysis in this article.

15-dw0052nf compatible with internet use?

No touch screen available on this model. It’s not prohibitive, but you may find it 15-dw0052nf less easy to use when you’re on the go.
However, the materials seem to be of good quality. An important parameter for those whose laptop is not a daily work tool but who wish to make it last for several years; HP thought it over carefully in this case.

15-dw0052nf the right choice for watching movies ?

Glossy screens are best suited to the indoor environment. Enhanced contrast, sharpness and color brightness are the main benefits you will get from this 15-dw0052nf. On the other hand, you may feel visually tired after 2 or 3 hours of viewing.
For the sound part, the 15-dw0052nf is equipped with a correct sound card and speakers. We tested it with movies and music at maximum volume. Even if the result is good, be aware that even the best laptops will never beat a hi-fi system on this point. If necessary, you can later supplement with external elements if you consider the results too insufficient.
You will do what you want for the applications, as it is not HP installed by default. The operating system and that’s it. This is a Windows 10 on which you can install the software you need. Can only be VLC to manage the audio and video part.
With GeForce MX110, ahigh-performance graphics card, a dedicated memory of 4 Gb of RAM, you can watch movies, with smooth images, possibly retouch photos or edit video. Not good enough for 3D imaging professionals, but good enough for most of us.

The 15-dw0052nf- the right model to stay connected while travelling ?

Unfortunately, it is not 15-dw0052nf equipped with a touch screen as standard models. The constraint being then to always have the mouse in the computer bag. Or you’ll have to deal with the trackpad.
The glossy slab offers better viewing comfort than the previous model. A beautiful screen and quality images. On the other hand, this last characteristic will be less interesting for outdoor use because of the sun reflections that will occur.
This model unfortunately does not have bluetooth; a shame when it comes to exchanging photos with your loved ones on holiday, or sharing an internet connection.

The 15-dw0052nf for audio or video editing ?

Unfortunately not equipped with a USB 3.0 port as standard. Here file transfers are done at a slower speed between your laptop and external drives.

The 15-dw0052nf for office automation.

If you’re already a Linux or Apple user, your choice will probably head for this laptop. In this case, it is Windows 10.
Not all basic office applications may be available on this model. It’s up to you to download and/or purchase the software suite that suits you. This computer was really designed for office use. Hence the good idea to offer a default number pad as a complement.

The 15-dw0052nf in conclusion